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The department of Electronics and Communication along with placement cell works with much gusto in seeking and sequencing campus interviews for the students. The college caters to hone the students’ communication and interview skills. The department has adroit staff members that have good affinity with the students. Our Campus recruitment program starts in the month of June i.e., as soon as Pre-Final semester starts. It is really amazing for students to have their “Appointment Order” even before they finish their degree. We also give placement related trainings for all the eligible students right from the beginning of their Pre-final year.

Multinational companies like Infosys, Wipro, Sasken, UST Global, Prosys are our major recruiters. The average package lies in the range of Rs 2.80 – Rs 3.50 lacs.

1Ms. Anupa Thomas
2Ms. Amritha V Nair
3Ms. Jasmine E Peter
4Mr. Jeffin P Jiji
5Mr. Rishikesh C G
6Ms. Rose Geena George
7Ms. Tina Tressa Mathew
8Ms. Ansa Maria Sebastian
9Ms. Aleena Jose
Tech Mahindra BGS
1Mr. Suraj Paul
2Mr. Nithin George
3Mr. Alex Joseph
Hinduja Global Solutions
1Mr. Justin Jose John
2Ms. Kavya B
3Ms. Linu Kurian
4Ms. Maria Grace Thomas
5Ms. Namitha Mathew
6Mr. Nithin George Thomas
7Ms. Ria Rani Jose
8Mr. Suraj Paul
1Mr. Suraj Paul
Reubro International
1Ms. Jewel Sarah Thomas
Smart Training Institute
1Ms. Ambily Shaju.
2Ms. Ashitha Reez
3Ms. Anisha Noorammakkil Vijayan
4Ms. Biffy George
5Ms. Krupa K James
6Ms. Rona Susan Mathew
7Mr. Sachu George
8Ms. Meera Shine Joe
9Ms. Maria Grace Thomas
10Ms Revathy S
11Ms. Kavya B
12Mr. Suraj Paul
CSS Corp
1Ms. Ahn Mary John
2Ms. Gilu K Abraham
1Ms. Beena Cherian
Sutherland Global
1Ms. Devika Vijayan
2Ms. Divya Joy
3Ms. Anju Maria Vincent
4Ms. Dona Joseph
5Ms. Beena Cherian
6Mr. Nithin Ravindran
7Mr. Gigil Joe
8Ms. Krupa James
9Ms. Revathy S
10Ms. Ahn Mary John
11Ms. Ambily Shaju
12Mr. Hrithik V R
13Ms. Akshara Selvaraj
14Ms. Agnes Mary Sha
15Ms. Ann Mary Joseph
16Ms. Emilitta Michael
17Ms. Bilffymol Jose
18Ms. Anu Rose Baby
19Ms. Achu Elizabeth Joy
20Mr. Arun J Joseph
21Mr. Anton J. Pullatt