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Harikumar P.S

/Harikumar P.S
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Prof.Harikumar P.S

Workshop Superintendent
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mobile Number:

Date of joining: 14/08/2006

Sl.No Qualification University Year of passing Specialization
1 B.Tech M.G 1989 Mechanical

Industrial Experience                                      : 16 Years

Teaching Experience                                       :12 years

Sl. No Name of the college/Industry Designation Experience                ( Years & Months)
1 Harig India Ltd. Asst Manager, Production 3 Years
2. HMT .Ltd,Tractor Division Planning, Tool Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing and Servicing 13 Years
3. SJCET,Palai Asst.Professor 11Years 11Months


Sl.No Name of Training/Workshop Year & Duration Organizer
1 Teaching Excellence and Methodologies 2006/23-11-06 to 28-11-06 Indian Society For Technical Education
2 Workshop on ACCREDITATION 2007/28-30 June National Institute of Teachers Training & Research
3 Manufacturing Systems and Technologies 16 to 21 June 2008 Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology
4 Optimum Energy Utilization 2009, 2 weeks NIT Calicut
5 Two day W.S on Technical Analysis Tools 2010,2days SJCET
6 Training on CNC 2010,4 days SJCET
7 W.S On Advanced Welding Technology 2011,2 days SJCET
8 W.S On Manufacturing Management 2011,5 days ISTE
9 International conference on Mechanical Engineering& Technology 2012,2days MEA,SJCET
10 W/S On Engineering Thermodynamics 2012,10days IIT,Bombay,ISTE
11 Advanced automotive Engineering 2013,2days MEA,SJCET
12 Petroleum Conservation 2013,2 days PCRA
13 Feel Teacher 2013,1 day SJCET
14 Modern Trends in energy Management and green technology 2014,5days TEQUIP/CUSAT
15 Fluid Mechanics 2014,10days MHRD,SJCET
16 Training on NBA Accreditation 2018,2 days SJCET Pala
17 Training Course on ISO 9001:2015 Awareness 2018,1 day SJCET Pala
18 Personal Protective Equipment Training 2018,1 day SJCET Pala
19 Interactive session with expert on renewable energy and fuel cells 2018,1 day SJCET Pala

National Conference

Sl.No Title of Paper Name of journal Publisher Year, Volume & ISSN/ISBN No.
1 Our Scientific Heritage-Wootz steel SJCET SJCET 2012,vol.5/2
2 Our Scientific Heritage_Kerala School of Mathematics SJCET SJCET 2012,vol6/1
3 Modern Trends in Pre Job Training SJCET SJCET 2014,vol7/1
4 Simulation of Structural noise reduction SJCET SJCET 2015,vol8/1
5 Role of Material Science in the system of ayurveda SJCET SJCET 2015,vol8/1


Sl. No Title / Topic Year & Duration Sponsors
1 ISTE sponsored five day STTP on Guidance and Counselling 4th to 8th December 2017 ISTE Kerala Section
2 One day workshop on Fontiers in Internal Combustion Engine research June 2016 SJCET
3 Worshop on PURSUE, PUBLISH and PROSPER March 2016 SJCET
4 Seminar on Space and Space related activities 9th October 2015 SJCET
5 One day seminar on Teaching, Research and Information Technology 25th March 2015 SJCET
6 Organising Secretary of the 7th Annual Student Convention of ISTE Kerala Section September 2008 ISTE Kerala Section and SJCET
7 One day workshop on Finite Element Methods 14th June 2007 SJCET