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National Service Scheme – NSS

SJCET NSS unit is affiliated to Department of Technical Education, Government of Kerala. It was inaugurated on 27-04-2008 by Mr K. A. Kalith programme coordinator, RIT, Pampady. The motto or watchword of the national service scheme is ‘not me but you’. This reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other person’s point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings. It underlines that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of society as a whole. Therefore, it should be the aim of the NSS to demonstrate this motto in its day-to-day programme.



  • To Understand The Community In Which They Work.
  • To Understand Themselves In Relation To Their Community.
  • To Identify The Needs And Problems Of The Community And Involve Them In Problem Solving Process.
  • Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities.
  • Gain skills in mobilizing community participation.

Program Officers

Program Officers

Activities of NSS

The seven day camp

The seven day camp of the National Service Scheme wing of SJCET PALAI was conducted from 26th of December 2021 to 01st of January 2022 at St Joseph’s College Of Engineering and Technology ,palai.

Special camp was chosen this year and the main aim of the camp was focused on 3 projects:

1)  Nature Survey
2) Herbal Gardening
3) Cleaning of Public Road

All these projects were conducted by schedules and each day was allotted for the specific purposes. The detailed report of the camp is as follows:


09.00am: Assembly

10:00am: Worksite

12.30pm: Lunch

01.30pm:  Outdoor Programs

04:30pm: Wind up

DAY 01 :- 26th December 2021

The first day of our camp begun on 26th of December from 10:00 AM in online mode . We had sum of 93 volunteers from 2020-2021. Rev. Fr. Joseph Maleparambil, Rev. Fr. Mathew Koramkuzha delivered the keynote address. M.L. A. Mani C Kappan officiated the inauguration. College Principal Dr. J David, Vice Principal Madhukumar. Dr. Ignatious kora. Program Officers Anto Manuel, Justin Jose, Libin Abraham, Smitha Jacob and  Manju George led the way. After lunch break volunteers were divided into five groups and each group was instructed to make NSS memories in charts in creative way as activity for the session. Activities came to an end by 4 30 pm for the day.

DAY 02 :- 27th December 2021

The second day of NSS special camp 2021 began with the assembly at 9.00 am. The assembly was conducted by group 1 students. A yoga session was also included for the students during the assembly. Program officer Anto Manual sir and volunteer secretaries gave instructions for the day after the assembly.
The camp kicked of at 10:00 am with the session titled “Know Yourself” handled by Shri. Joji Kurunthodath (Mind power trainer and faculty of Junior Chamber International). The session was very interactive and the students gained many values on how to improve their personality and career. The session was conducted until 12:30 pm and the camp dispersed for lunch at 12:40 pm.
The afternoon session began at 1:30 pm. There was an interesting game session afternoon conducted among the five groups of students. The second day of the camp ended at 4:30 pm.

DAY 03 :- 28th December 2021

From Day 3 onwards camp was conducted in offline mode at SJCET , Palai. The Third day of NSS special camp 2021 began with the assembly at 9.00 am. The assembly was conducted by Programme Committee. A yoga session was also included for the students during the assembly. Program officer Anto Manual sir and volunteer secretaries gave instructions for the day after the assembly. Each group were given duties for the day.After Assembly session by Sri. Vasanth Krishnan (state level master trainer,Motivational Speaker) on Group Dynamics. Session came to an end by 12.30 pm . After lunch break session a treasure hunt game is set for the volunteers .Game came to an end by 3.45 pm. Thereafter refreshment and wind up for the day.

DAY 04 :- 29th December 2021

St. Joseph’s College of Engineering & Technology Pala.Units 201& 564 The 4th day of Deeksha 2k21 has been a festive affair ever since the curtain was raised. Everyone arrived on college campus on time. It was Babu Shankar Sir’s class that started the day with the assembly at 9:30 am and later brought the festival intoxicated. Everyone in the class, led by everyone’s favorite sir, attended with great enthusiasm. The auditorium was filled with play and laughter; Also, the knowledge gained was recorded in the minds of all..then the Chairman’s father, Dr. Joseph Melparampil and Suresh Sir were with us. The lunch made under the leadership of the 3rd group was very much enjoyed by all. The afternoon session was led by CRO Shaji Sar of Pala Janmaitri Police Station. Sarn shared his experiences with a very beautiful laugh and thought about cybercrime. Prabhu Sir’s song comforted the audience who were disturbed by the heat of the afternoon. Finally, Lotte divided everyone into several groups and prepared a quiz to ask the locals when they went on a nature tour the next day. Day 4 concludes the program at 4:15 p.m.

DAY 05 :- 30th December 2021

The fifth day of NSS special camp 2021 began with the assembly at 7.30 am. At 7.45 am all volunteers were aligned in line to go for nature visit with the purpose of surveying about the different types of birds and the life style of people living there. The route of visit was Sjcet palai- Pampoorampara. After visiting the place all volunteers returned to the campus by 1.30pm. After lunch break volunteers performed the tasks assigned to them, thereafter camp came to an end by 4.30pm

DAY 06 :- 31th December 2021

After breakfast provided in the camp we assembled for the assembly organized by ASSEMBLY & ATTENDANCE COMMITTEE by 9:00 am.
By sharp to10: 00 am we had a session by Sri.Babita ,Social Engineer,Trainer. Storyteller, and also Social Development Specialist in Kudumbasree Mission. She gave a view on how youths should be focused on the dreams they have.the session was very interesting and we all enjoyed it very well. The program was conducted Until 12:30 pm and the session dispersed for lunch at 12:40 pm. After lunch we had a closing ceremony of the camp and followed by some cultural events which enlightened the volunteers minds and concluded the camp with a lot of experience.

DAY 07 :-  1 st January 2022

Final day began with assembly at 9.00 am. Official closing ceremony began at 10.00am.The function inaugurated by Rev.Fr.John Mattamundayil, give his message and after that programme officers felicitate the gathering succeeded by vote of thanks by volunteer secretaries. After the function memento distributed for senior volunteers and best camper were and awarded with memento. Rev.Fr. John Mattamundayil cut the cake as a part of celebrating new year. After lunch break cultural programmes and all the volunteers lighted candles and share their happiness, memories they got from these seven special days.



Date:  4th and 5th  September 2019

Venue: St. Joseph’s College Of Engineering and Technology, Palai

Beneficiaries:75 students, 30 volunteers

Outcome: Raise awareness about the  role of teachers.

Highlights: Started the programme at 3.30pm on the 4th September as a part of teacher’s day celebration .Students and volunteers actively prepared cards and flowers .On the 5th September students and volunteers greeted Principal, teachers and non-teaching staff and gave them the prepared cards and flowers.


Date : 5th & 6th September 2019

Venue:​ St.Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology.

Beneficiaries: All the students and staff of the college

Outcome :  The activity ended up in making a beautiful pookalam and surrounding by teamwork and enthusiasm.

Highlights : The NSS Volunteers of the unit altogether  engaged in decorating the college premises and courtyard on 5th September afternoon. On 6th early morning from 5.00 AM onwards they came to lay the pookalam. Along with that, they also volunteered for all the arrangements to be made prior to start of function and also for the different games conducted as part of onam celebration.


Date :  16 August 2019

Venue : Kottayam Collectorate

Beneficiaries :All those people whose home were flooded and residing in camps

Outcome : We could deliver necessary daily needed items to the people suffering in flood relief camps.

Highlights : NSS Volunteers of the unit tried to collect as much daily utility items as possible and some of the volunteers took it to the collection centre located at Kottayam Collectorate. That was a great help to those people who were struggling in flood relief camps. All the volunteers tried to contribute as well as collected from locality the needed items.


Date:​ 12 October 2019

Venue:​ St. Joseph’s College Of Engineering and Technology, Palai

Beneficiaries:​ 155 students and faculty members

Outcome:​ Volunteering for Sports events promoting teamwork.

Highlights:​ Started the programme by 90:00am . Volunteers were involved in various activities related to sports events like helping the faculties,refreshment,prize distribution, etc.  Programme was successful by the active participation of all volunteers.


Date : 28th August 2019

Venue : Santhom Village, Mattathipara

Beneficiaries: 65 volunteers, around 30 students and Programme Officers of two units

Outcome:​ Completed the flooring activity for a new building constructed recently.

Highlights : NSS Volunteers of the unit along with PO’s and VS’s actively took the project of laying the floor of a newly constructed building for homeless old aged people so that the presence of these volunteers and students made the work so fast and the work was completed within a single day.