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Sargam – SJCET Palai Annual Cultural Fest

/Sargam – SJCET Palai Annual Cultural Fest
Sargam – SJCET Palai Annual Cultural Fest 2024-03-19T07:42:28+00:00

SJCET is actively engaged in providing the students with an extensive range of cultural and co-curricular activities. Keeping in line with this commitment, our college organizes Annual Cultural Fest Sargam. It is a much awaited event with multiple competitions in dance, music, fashion, drama, literary and various other cultural fields and offers a plethora of opportunities to the students to showcase their talent.
Extracurricular activities increase opportunities for social interaction and new relationship development. As most of those activities are group-oriented, students from completely different niches, have an opportunity to understand individuals of different passions and cultures. Interaction with individuals of various backgrounds helps the students in development of social skills. Extracurricular activities teach students a way to work for a Understanding Clenbuterol Side Effects on Sperm standard goal and this ultimately develops a way of responsibility in them. It will increase the extent of confidence and conjointly teaches them a way to co-operate and work with individuals in various conditions. They learn to face the challenges that are present in education and career. Most of the employers like to hire people who are all rounded. Sustained involvement in additional activities other than studies reflects the talent and potential of the student. Employers rummage around for these abilities in individuals.

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