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Mechanical Engineering Association

Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA) is a unified platform where ideas of both faculty as well as students of our department are shared and new thoughts are generated. MEA have been actively conducting programmes from its inception. Programmes include Technical Sessions, Hands On Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Project Presentations, Mechaura, Quiz Competitions, Design Contests etc.

Mechanical Engineering Association Activities 2023-24

The Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA) at SJCET-PALAI showcased a diverse array of technical and interactive events during the academic year 2023-24.


Automobile Gear Mechanism

The Automobile Gear Mechanism exhibition, organized by first-year mechanical engineering students, elucidated the intricacies of gearboxes used in automobiles. The event attracted significant participation from both internal and external attendees, fostering learning and exchange of knowledge. Total 459 students visited the exhibition.

BYTE BLITZ Loading Challenge

The BYTE BLITZ Loading Challenge tested participants’ strength and endurance through a gripping competition. Dhanashyan Bino from Mangalam College of Engineering emerged victorious, showcasing exceptional skills in maneuvering weights within a designated track. This event added a thrilling dimension to the fest, promoting physical prowess and competition.

Guess the Logo

The ‘Guess the Logo’ event provided a platform for participants to showcase their knowledge of company logos and flags. Conducted in multiple levels with stringent time limits, the competition witnessed enthusiastic participation. Bijeesh Biju and Roshan Roy from MBCCET Kuttikanam clinched the top prize, showcasing their adeptness in logo recognition.

Heist In Mist

Heist In Mist’ offered a unique blend of athleticism and strategy, combining basketball and heist challenges. Participants demonstrated their basketball skills before navigating through lasers to secure treasures, testing agility and quick thinking. The event showcased the fusion of sports and problem-solving, captivating the audience.

Design Challenge Contest

The Design Challenge Contest provided a platform for innovation and creativity. Zaina Zakeer from Mangalam College of Engineering and Technology emerged as the winner, showcasing exemplary design skills. The event highlighted the importance of quality and innovation in engineering endeavours.

Treasure hunt

The Treasure Hunt event captivated participants with its blend of intellect and adventure. Teams embarked on a thrilling quest, deciphering clues and racing against time to locate hidden treasures. The event fostered teamwork and problem-solving skills, creating memorable experiences for all involved.

Auto Quiz

he Auto Quiz tested participants’ knowledge of automobiles, offering a platform for showcasing technical expertise. Winners Mr. Adithyan and Ms. Navaneetha from Saintgits College of Engineering exhibited commendable knowledge in the subject, adding an element of competition and excitement to the fest

Triumph Workshop

The Triumph Workshop provided insights into the design and specifications of Triumph motorcycles, enriching participants’ understanding of automotive engineering. The workshop attracted enthusiastic participation and facilitated knowledge exchange among students.

Baja Buggy Workshop

MEA association conducted a workshop on the design and manufacturing of Baja Buggy in collaboration with the SAE college chapter, offering practical insights into off-road vehicle engineering.

Drone workshop

MEA association organized a Drone workshop on 11/11/2023.Total 24 students participated in the program.

One Day Seminar

SJCET_PALAI hosted a seminar on April 9th, 2024, focusing on “Advances in Additive Manufacturing for the Creation of Next-Generation Thermal Energy Storage Devices.” The event was organized by the Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with the Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer (ISHMT) college chapter. Dr. Sandra Boetcher, a distinguished professor of Mechanical Engineering and College of Engineering Research Fellow at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, United States of America, graced the occasion with her insightful presentation. The seminar attracted an audience of approximately 400 enthusiastic students.

Overall, the activities conducted by MEA during 2023-24 demonstrated a blend of technical excellence, innovation, and collaborative spirit, enriching the learning experience for students and enthusiasts alike.