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Pradeep P V

/Pradeep P V
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Prof.Pradeep P V

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mobile Number: 8943401280
Date of joining:04/06/2012
Association with the institution: Regular

Sl.No Qualification University Institution Year of passing Specialization
1 B.Tech Mahatma Gandhi- SJCET PALAI 2010 Mechanical
2 M.Tech University of Calicut GEC THRISSUR 2012 Mechanical (Production engineering)
Sl. No Name of Institution Type of Membership Membership ID
1 ISTE Life time LM 90197
Sl.NoName of Training/WorkshopYear & Date (Duration)Organizer
1Guidance and CounsellingDecember 4 to 8 2017SJCET Palai
2NBA AccreditationJune 18 to 19 2018SJCET Palai
4Renewable Energy-Opportunities and ChallengesNovember 9 2018SJCET Palai
5Interactive session with expert on “Renewable energy and Fuel cells”April 21 2018SJCET Palai
6Workshop on SafetyJune 29 2018SJCET Palai
7Opportunities and Challenges in Change ManagementNovember 27 to December 1 2017GEC Thrissur
8Technical CommunicationOctober 8 to December 5 2015IIT Bombay/SJCET Palai
9Pursue, Publish ProsperMarch 30 2016SJCET Palai
9Digital ManufacturingOctober 29 to November 3 2012GEC Thrissur
10Advanced Automobile EngineeringMay 17 to May 18 2013SJCET Palai
11Instructional Design and Delivery SystemJune 24 to 28 2013SJCET Palai
12Engineering ThermodynamicsDecember 11 to 21 2012IIT Bombay/SJCET Palai
13Fluid MechanicsMay 20 to 30 2014IIT Kharagpur/SJCET Palai
14Engineering MechanicsNovember 26 to December 6 2013IIT Bombay/SJCET Palai
15Innovation and PatentingSeptember 27 to 28 2013Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Kanjirappally
16Recent advances in Manufacturing Engineering2019,5 daysAPJAKTU & SJCET Pala
17Recent Advances in Fuel Cells2019,5 DaysAPJAKTU & SJCET Pala
183 D Printing and Design2020,5 daysATAL FDP, KSR Institute for Engineering and Technology
19ATAL FDP: Manufacturing: Hindsight to Foresight2021,5 daysATAL FDP, BITS Pilani
20Trends in Mechatronics and manufacturing14-11-2022 -18-11-2022NITTR CHENNAI
21Computer Integrated Manufacturing09-01-2023 -13-01-2023NITTR CHENNAI
22Trends in 3D Printing & Manufacturing Techniques30-01-2023-03-02-2023NITTR CHENNAI
   International Journals  
Sl.NoTitle of PaperName of journalPublisherYear, Volume & ISSN/ISBN No.
1Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness and Mechanical Characteristics of Polypropylene Based CFRPInternational Journal on Theoretical and Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering (IJTARME)ISSN (Print): 2319-3182, Volume -3, Issue-3, 2014
2Experimental investigation of wear characteristics on Al/SIC/GR composite materialInternational Journal on Theoretical and Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering (IJTARME)ISSN (Print): 2319-3182, Volume -3, Issue-3, 2014
3FEM of ECDM Process on Semi Conducting MaterialsApplied Mechanics and MaterialsTrans Tech Publications, SwitzerlandISSN: 1662-7482, Vol. 877, pp 87-91
4Experiment on pollution control in m-abrasive jet machining using liquid FilmsInternational conference on Materials and Manufacturing Methods.ELSEVIERMaterials Today: Proceedings 27 (2020) 2033–2036
5Experimental investigation of m-abrasive jet machining with dust collection mechanismInternational Conference on Integration of Advanced Technologies for Industry 4.0ELSEVIERMaterials Today: Proceedings 55 (2022) 337–342
6Review on novel biomaterials and innovative 3D printing techniques in biomedical applicationsInternational Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Energy SystemsELSEVIERMaterials Today: Proceedings 58 (2022) 96–103
7Electromagnetic interference shielding behavior of carbon fiber reinforced metal laminatesInternational Conference on Materials for the Future Innovative materials, Processes, Products and ApplicationsNovember 6 to 8 2013/GEC Thrissur
National Conference
Sl. No. Title of the PaperName of the ConferenceVenue & Date
1Electromagnetic interference shielding behavior of carbon fiber reinforced polymer compositesMechanical Engineering for Future, CoMET 2013SJCET Palai/June 15 2013
2Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Metal Polymer LaminatesAdvances in Manufacturing, Systems and ProcessesGEC Thrissur/September 5 to 7 2012
3Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness and Mechanical Characteristics of Polypropylene Based Particulate CompositesNational Technological Congress NATCON 2012GEC Thrissur/February 9 to 10 2012
Year Project Title Funding Agency Amount
2019 Additive manufacturing of biodegradable and

photocurable elastomer and polymer based composites

 CERD,  APJ Abdul

Kalam Technological University

Rs. 1.4 Lakhs