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Praseetha V. M

/Praseetha V. M
Praseetha V. M 2022-05-18T16:27:26+00:00

Dr. Praseetha VM

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Mobile Number: +91 9447603338
Date of Joining :14/06/2004
Type of Association:Regular

DegreeSpecializationInstitutionUniversityYear of Passing
B.Tech.Computer EngineeringVIETInstitution of Engineers(India)2002
M.Tech.Computer and Information ScienceCUSATCUSAT2004
Ph.D.Biometric techniquesBITS PilaniBITS Pilani2019
Name of the InstitutionMembership ID/No
ISTELM 41629
AMIEAM 0962417
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  5. Praseetha, V M , “Software Agents”, in SJCET Journal of Engineering & Management
Sl.No.Name of Training/WorkshopYear & DurationOrganizers
1Teaching Excellence and Methodologies2004, 1 weekISTE
2National Seminar on Maintaining Quality and Relevance in Engineering Education: Issues and Challenges2005, 1 dayISTE Chapter, SJCET
3National Level Technical Symposium on Open Sourse Computing2005, 2 daysCS Dept ,SJCET Palai
4Introduction to Theory of Computation& Compiler Design using FLEX & YACC2007, 3daysCS Dept,Saint Gits College of Engineering, Pathamuttom.
5Workshop on Accreditation2007, 3 daysSJCET
6Workshop on Introduction to Design and Analysis of Algorithms2007, 2 daysMathematics Dept, MAC Kothamangalam
7National Level Technical Symposium on Mobile Computing2007, 2 daysCS Dept ,SJCET Palai
8Nano Technology: Significance & Applications2008, 1dayMechanical Engg Dept , SJCET Palai
9Neo Areas of Research in Computing2008, 1weekISTE and CS Dept., Amal Jyothi College of Engg.
10Linux Networking and System Administration2008, 4 daysComputer Science & Engg. Dept , SJCET Palai
11Professional Excellence2009, 1 dayComputer Science & Engg. Dept , SJCET Palai
12Educational Utilization of Indian Standards2009, 1 dayBureau of Indian Standards
13International workshop on “Open Source Tools for Engineering”2009, 1 dayDept. of CSE & MCA, St. Gits College of Engineering.
14STTP on “Advances in Image Processing”2009, 7 daysDept. of AEI and CSE, SJCET, Palai
15Soft Computing: Methodologies and Applications2010, 8 daysCollege of Engineering, Poonjar, approved by ISTE
16Student Welfare Activities2010, 1 dayMahatma Gandhi University
17Pedagogic Strategies for Effective Engg. Education2010, 6 daysDept. of Civil Engg., RIT Pampady, Sponsored by DTE, Govt. of Kerala
18Introduction to Algorithm Analysis and Design2010, 5 daysRIT Pampdy, Sponsored by ISTE
19International conference on Secure Knowledge Management (SKM)2014, 2 daysBITS Pilani, Dubai
20Workshop on cryptology2016, 3 daysBITS Pilani, Dubai
21NPTEL FDP on Deep Learning2019, 12 weeksIIT Kharagpur
22ATAL FDP on Internet of Things(IoT)2020, 5 daysAICTE and College of Engineering Kallooppara
23Webinar on Accreditation and Quality of Engineering Education in South Asia”2020. 1 dayIEEE - ABET
24Webinar on Parkinson’s Disease Analysis using Machine Learning2020, 1 dayIEDC College of Engineering, Kottarakkara and NoviTech
25Webinar on Blockchain 2.0 – A shift from Bitcoin to Real world Applications2020, 1 dayToc H Institute of Science &Technology and CSI
26Webinar on Value of IEEE Publications in Research and Career Development2020, 1 daySJCET, IEEE and EBSCO
27TEQIP sponsored online FDP on Python for Machine Learning2020, 5 daysGovt. Engg. College, Sreekrishnapuram
28AICTE sponsored online one week STTP on Research Avenues in Machine Learning Approaches for Pattern Recognition2020, 6 daysMGIT, Hyderabad
29ATAL Online FDP on Artificial Intelligence2020, 5 daysIIT, Patna
30NPTEL FDP on Constitutional Studies2020, 12 weeksIIT Madras
31FDP on Business Analytics and Data Science2021, 5 daysMEA Engg. College
32FDP on Deep Learning for Signal Processing - Basics to Implementation2021, 5 daysSahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology, Kodakara, Thrissur, Kerala
33Two-day Awareness Workshop on Improving Research & Performance Outcomes2021, 2 daysElsevier
34Faculty Entrepreneurship and Educational Technology for the Knowledge Economy, 2022, 1 dayTrinity College of Engineering
35IP Awareness/Training program2022, 1 dayIntellectual Property Office, India