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Smitha Jacob

/Smitha Jacob
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Prof. Smitha Jacob

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Mobile Number: +91 9446922158
Date of Joining :16/05/2005
Type of Association:Regular

DegreeSpecializationInstitutionUniversityYear of Passing
B.Tech.Computer Science & EngineeringThe Indian Engineering College ,NagercovilManonmaniam Sundarnar University,Thirunelveli1999
M.Tech.Computer Science & EngineeringMahendra Engineering College,SalemAnna University,Chennai2013
Name of the College/IndustryDesignationDate of JoiningDate of Relieving
Govt.Polytechnic College,PalaGuest LecturerJune 1, 2003March 1, 2005
Dimensions(Web2011),NewDelhiProject LeaderJuly 1, 1999May 1, 2003
Name of the InstitutionMembership ID/No
SnoName of the PublicationTitle of publicationRemarks
1International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology A worthwhile performance framework modelling hinge on lambda architecture for batch and stream big data ISSN: 2454-132X Impact factor: 4.295 (Volume 4, Issue 3)
2 International Journal of Advanced Research Methodology in Engineering & TechnologyBig Data Analytics frameworks A Survey ISSN 2456-6446 Special Issue - March 2018
3International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in TechnologyLambda architecture: Working, advantages limitations, and its applications ISSN: 2454-132X Impact factor: 4.295 (Volume 4, Issue 2)
4IJARIIT -International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in TechnologyAn effective and decisive crowd management system based on RFID technologyISSN: 2454-132 Ref No:OAP/IJ/182/258
6SJCET Journal
7International Research Journal of Engineering and TechnologyQoS based Congestion Control Algorithm for video Traffic in Wireless Mesh NetworkVol 3 Issue 8 August 2016
8International Journal of Innovations and Advancement in computer ScienceMethod to Enhance Fingerprint Image Quality and Mixing Fingerprints for Protecting PrivacyISSN 2347-8616,impact factor 2.65,Volume 4,Issue10,01-10-2015
9International Journal of Science, Technology & ManagementA review on different methods for security in Ecommerce transactionsISSN 2394-1537 vol4,March2015
10SJCET journal of Engineering & ManagementSilhouette extraction of Human bodies using neural network for monitoring Alzheimer’s patientsISSN 2394-8647vol 9 No.2 July-Dec2018
11IJETT-Seventh Sense Research GroupIdentification and Extraction of Parameter Influencing commerce trends Based on Data Mining in shopping CentersISSN:2231-5381 vol 17,Nov14
12IJRCEE-International Journal of Research in Computer Engineering and ElectronicsAn android supported framework for need based encryption /decryption of remote PC storageISSN:2319-376Xindex Copernicus Value:4.08 01-07-2014 01-07-2014
13IJETT-Seventh Sense Research GroupA Commerce Recommender System for Improving Customer Relationship Management in Shopping CentresISSN:2231-5381 vol 13,July14
14SJCET Journal of Engineering & ManagementAnalysis on Service Oriented ArchiectureISSN 2394-8647
SnoName of the EventDate of the Event
1RAEREST 18,International Conference on Recent Advancement and Effectual Researches in Engineering Science and TechnologyApril 21-22,2018
2RAEREST 16 International Conference on Recent Advancement and Effectual Researches in Engineering Science and TechnologyApril 20-21,2016
3RAICE14 National conference in Recent Advancements in Computer Science & Information EngineeringMarch 13,14,2014
4intercollegiate IT Quiz Competition ‘CEREBRO-2K15’16th February 2015
5intercollegiate IT Quiz Competition ‘CEREBRO-2K16’09th March 2016
6Seminar on Agile Software Methodologies by Vineesh U S,Wipro,Banglore12th January 2018
7Seminar on 4th Industrial Revolution and Emerging Job, Trends by Dr.Mendus Jacob,IPSR KottayamMarch 12th 2018
8Seminar on “Future of Engineers” by Prof. Sharma Thankachan, University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA [ACM chapter inaguration]9th August 2017
9Igniting The Student Minds’ -Interactive Session by Abhilash Jayapal Technical Operations Head Good Methods GlobalMarch 18, 2016
10Seminar on “Personal Management” by Dr. Ruble RajOctober 26, 2015
11Invited Talk on IT Industry and Life Experience’ by Mr. Rajesh Alex, IT consultant, ChennaiJuly 2014.
1International conference on Technical Challenges ICCEECON2k15Text classification using Naive Bayes: A ReviewConf Proceedings: ICCEECON2k15 01/04/2015
2NCICSES'19 ,National Conference organized by College of Engineering,Kidangoor‘Hae Mart ‘Drop of Life”Conference Proceeding
3International conference on Recent Trends in Engineering Science & ManagementA review on different methods for security in Ecommerce transactionsISBN 978-81-931039-2-0
4National conference in Recent Advancements in Computer Science & Information Engineering,RAICE14A Secure Application for on-the-fly encryption in storage using Double AES Cascade CipherRAICE14Conference Proceedings :March 2014
5National conference in Recent Advancements in Computer Science & Information Engineering,RAICE14A Secure Application for on-the-fly encryption in storage using Double AES Cascade CipherRAICE14Conference Proceedings: 01/03/2014
6International conference on cloud computing and services EngineeringBidirectional Security Framework of Data Sharing In CloudCLUSE-2013,December 2013
74th International Conference on Advances in Computer,Communication & ManagementCombined Ranking Approach for Automatic Discovery of Personal Name Aliases From WebConference proceeding-Feb 2013
87th National Conference on Innovation in Computing TechniquesSequential pattern Discovery with Web Usage MiningNCICT-13 01/03/2013
9National Conference on Advances in Computing &computer ApplicationsAutomatic Identification of Personal Name Aliases from web snippets using combined Ranking methodADCAP12,December 2012
10International Conference on Innovative Computing & Information processingConceptual analysis of Service Oriented Architecture And deriving the Web ServicesICICIP-2012,March 2012
11National Conference on Advances in communication Systems NCACS,March 2009
1Online FDP on Data ScienceAICTE ATAL Academy 18-2-21 to 22-1-21
2Online FDP on Artificial IntelligenceAICTE ATAL Academy , NIT Thirichurapalli,
28-12-20 to 1-1-21
3FDP in Machine Learning and deep learning – A hands-on Approach” AICTE sponsored School of Engineering, CUSAT7-12-20 to 19-12-20
4Introduction to intellectual Property RightsACM Student chapter ,SJCET PalaiNovember 27th 2020
5International Webinar on Applications of BlockChainTechnology in Global Vaccine Development and ProductionSNGIST group of Institutions,N.Paravoor17-11-2020 & 18-11-2020
7Online Workshop on Alice 3.0 ICT AcademyNovember 5th 2020
8Webinar on Cyber SecurityACM Student chapter ,SJCET PalaiOctober 22nd 2020
9Webinar on Data Analytics:Exploiting the power that is DataMES Institute of Technology & Management18th Oct 2020
10An online FDP on Learning Management System (Moodle) . Department of CSE in association with IEEE,CSI – SJCET chapter10th to 15th August 2020
11 NPTEL online FDP on Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of ThingsIIT KharakpurJan-April 2020 .
12AICTE NPTEL FDP on Descriptive Statistics Using R SoftwareAICTE NPTEL,IITJan -April 2019
13AICTE NPTEL FDP on Programming in JavaAICTE-NPTEL by IITJan -April 2019
14An NPTEL FDP on Introduction to Internet of ThingsAICTE NPTEL,IITJuly-Oct 2019
15STTP on Guidance & CounsellingISTE Staff Chapter,SJCET4th to 8th December 2017
162 week ISTE workshop on Technical CommunicationIIT Mumbai 8th October 2015 to December 2015
172 week ISTE STTP on Introduction to Design of AlgorithmsIIT Kharagpur27th April to 30th May 2015
182 week ISTE workshop on Computer programmingIIT MumbaiMay-June2015
19IBM Seed programIBM Software Group5/3/14 to 8/3/14
20Multivariate Statstical Techniques for Management ResearchSJCET,School of Management2nd & 3rd September 2013
212 week ISTE workshop on Basic ElectronicsIIIT Bombay28th June 2011 to 8th July 2011
22STTP on Emerging Trends in Mobile computing & Networking TechnologiesISTE Kerala Section30-10-2008 to 05-11-2008
23STTP on Linux Networking &System AdministrationCSEA ,SJCET9th to 12th December 2008
24STTP on Teaching Learning processISTE Kerala SectionMay 2005
25One day workshop on cyber security & Ethical HackingAppin Technology Lab1th Feb 2018
26One day workshop Pursue,publish,ProsperISTE Kerala SectionMarch 30th 2016
27One day e-workshop Creative TeachingISTE Kerala SectionOctober 5th 2013
28One day e-seminar Steps2ResearchCSI Cochin Chapter,AJCE19-20 Sep 2014
29One day workshop on Professional ExcellenceCSEA,SJCET10th June 2009
30Workshop on AccreditationSJCET,Palai28th to 30th June 2007
311 day Seminar on Trends in Web Technologies & Software ArchitectureCSI chapter ,Tvm10th February 2007
1Introduction to R ProgrammingNPTELJan April 2019
2Programming in Java NPTELJanuary 5, 2019
3Introduction to IoTNPTELJun-Nov 2019
4Introduction to Industry 4.0 and IIOTNPTELJan April 2020
5Introduction to HTML5CourseraJune 6, 2020
6Introduction to CSS3CourseraJune 11, 2020
7JavaScript,JQuery,JSONCourseraJune 23, 2020
8Building web Application in PHPCourseraOctober 6, 2020
9Introduction to SQLCourseraJune 14, 2020
10Non-credit Specialization Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & CodingCourseraJuly 3, 2020
11Interactivity with JavaScriptCourseraJune 15, 2020
12Advanced Styling with Responsive DesignCourseraJune 24, 2020
13JavaScript Tutorial courseSoloLearnApril 4, 2020