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Suma R

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Prof. Suma R

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Mobile Number: +91 9446026016
Date of Joining: 18.08.2008

DegreeSpecializationInstitutionUniversityYear of Passing
Name of the College/IndustryDesignationDate of JoiningDate of Relieving
St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, PalaiAssistant Professor18.08.2008
Ocean Color Technologies SolutionsSoftware Developer01.06.200506.03.2006
creative infoware private Ltd.Software Engineer May 2004 30/05/2005.
Name of the InstitutionMembership ID/No
ISTELM 64513
  • 4 days’ workshop on Linux Networking and Administration conducted by SJCET in 2008
  • Neo Areas of Research in Computing by AJCE Kanjirappally in 2008
  • National Conference on Advances in Communication Systems conducted by SJCET in 2009
  • Educational Utilizationa of Indian Satndards organized by BIS in 2009
  • International workshop on Open Source Tool for Engineering conducted by Saint Gits College of engineering in 2009
  • National Level Technical Symposium organized by SJCET in 2009
  • Teaching Excellence and Methodologies by ISTE Kerala in 2009
  • Seminar on Advancements in Image processing organized by SJCET in 2009
  • One week workshop on Best Practices in Software Project Management by AJCE Kanjirappally in 2009
  • One day STTP on Professional Excellence by SJCET in 2009
  • Short Term Training Programme on Soft Computing: Methodologies and Applications conducted by CE Kidangoor in 2010
  • Two week workshop on Introduction to Research Methodologies conducted by bIIT Bombay in 2012
  • National Conference on Recent Trends in Computer Science and Information Engineering by SJCET Palai in 2014
  • National Conference on Innovation in Computing Techniques (NCICT) 2014
  • Two day seminar on Step 2 Research conducted by AJCE, Kanjirappally in 2014
  • Two week workshop on Computer Programming conducted by IIT Bombay in 2014
  • National Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication, Electrical & Networking Technologies” in 2014
  • IEEE International Conference on Soft computing and Network Security and Presented a paper on Different Video Restoration Technique in 2015
  • Introduction to Design of Algorithms conducted by IIT Kharagpur in 2015
  • One week workshop on Big Data Analytics organized by CE Kidangoor in 2015
  • Two week ISTE workshop on Technical communication conducted by SJCET in 2015
  • One week FDP on Machine Learning organized by Saint Gits college of engineering in 2018
    • Paper titled “Automatic Derivation and Annotation of User Search Goals with Feedback Sessions” in International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Vol.2, Issue 5, May 2014.
    • Mrs. Suma R & Ms. Liz Maria Mathew, Article: Character Recognition of Degraded Document Images Removing Strike, International Journal for Scientific Research and Development, Voliume 3, Issue 9, Nov. 2015, ISSN 2321 0G13
    • Suma R and Anitta George Article: Robust Logo Matching and Recognition Based on Context Dependency Similarity in Video Application, International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, Volume 4, Issue 7, July 2014
    • Ms. Praseetha V M, Mr. Ayush Datta Guptha, MR. S Vadivel and Ms. Suma R Article: Novel Web Service Based Fingerprint Identification Using Steganography and XML Mining in the conference preceding of IOP Series conducted by SJCET.
    • Abhijith Ajith, Albin Mathew Thomas, Jestin Antony, Joel Joseph, Suma R” Indoor Mapping Based on Augmented Reality Using Unity Engine”, International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology, Volume 5 – 2020, Issue 5 – May
    • Akash Johnny Kunnath, Albin Saji, Benjamin G Nechicattu, Done Maria James, Suma R, “Elements: Software for Image Editing Over Voice Commands”, International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology, Volume 5 – 2020, Issue 5 – May
  • MOOC Course by NPTEL “Machine Learning” in 2019
  • MOOC course by NPTEL “Data Mining” in 2019
  • Two days Workshop on Deep Learning organized by Providence College og Engineering in 2019.
  • MOOC course “AI for Everyone ” in Coursera in 2020.
  • MOOC course “Programming for Ebverybody(Getting started with Python” in Coursera in 2020.
  • MOOC course “The Data Scientists Toolbox ” in Coursera in 2020.