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UiPath Academic Alliance- SJCET Palai

/UiPath Academic Alliance- SJCET Palai
UiPath Academic Alliance- SJCET Palai 2022-05-26T11:03:46+00:00

UiPath is the recognized leader in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and is the fastest growing enterprise software company in history! UiPath’s minimal-code, drag-and-drop Studio development platform enables RPA developers to quickly and easily implement robots that use a combination of groundbreaking Computer Vision and UI-selector technology to navigate applications and mimic user actions to automate end-to-end business processes – delivering ROI in days and weeks.

St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Palai  has established academic collaboration with UiPath Academic Alliance. Created to drive UiPath’s vision for an automated and fully-employed world, the Alliance empowers all people – from young students to experienced professionals – to access and best leverage available automation solutions.

The UiPath Academic Alliance represents UiPath’s ambition to serve more than one million students and one thousand schools in the upcoming years. The Alliance consists of

  • Higher Education Programme that equips students with critical automation skills, allowing them to connect virtually any software. The program also unites students with engaged employer networks to better understand how RPA can applied in business settings.

  • Automation Educators Programme that provides educators teaching at the high school and university levels with toolkits to develop course plans focused on RPA and AI.

Benefits to Students

  • Access RPA technologies via UiPath Academic Alliance Edition
  • Learn from high-quality UiPath curriculum in a current syllabus or class.
  • Join a community of professionals and experts worldwide
  • Become an in-demand RPA professional

Benefits to Educators- Faculty

  • Teach from a comprehensive RPA curriculum including hands-on labs
  • Utilize courses that can be integrated into degree programs for academic credits
  • Leverage a resource kit with courseware, case studies and other teaching aids
  • Build your own RPA skills and Join a community of fellow automation professionals through in-person, virtual and on demand educator-readiness workshops

UiPath Academy – SJCET Educators

UiPath Academy – Courses and Certifications

SnoYearCourseNo of students certified
12021Introduction to RPA And Automation90
22021RPA Starter87
32021Build your First Automation with StudioX73
42021Orchestrator for RPA Developers22
52021Get Started with RPM Development20
62021UI Automation with Studio16
72021Email Automation with Studio15
82021Error and Exception Handling in Studio15
92021Introduction to Logging in Studio15
102021Variable Argument And Control Flow in Studio15
112021Project Organization in Studio15
122021RPA Testing with Studio Pro15
132021Version Control System Integration In Studio14
142021Selection in Studio14
152021Data Manipulation13
162021PDF Automation in Studio13
172021Debugging in Studio13
182021Day In the Life of a RPA Developer12
192020RPA Starter10
202021Get Started with StudioX8
212021RPA Developer Foundation7
222021Get Started with RPA Development4
232021RPA Citizen Developer Foundation4
242021Excel Automation with StudioX3
252021Data Tables and Excel Automation with Studio3
262021Decisions Iterations and Scenarios3
272021Powerpoint Automation3
282021Word Automation with StudioX3
292021Error Handling in StudioX3
302021File and Folder Automation with StudioX3
312021Virtual Automation Bot3
322021Working with Data in StudioX2
332021UI Path automation ops1
342021UI Path Assistant1
352021UI Path RPA Testing1
362021RPA Implementation Methodology Fundamental1
372021RPA Business Analytic Foundation1
382021Process Analysis Fundamentals with UI Path1
392021State Missions in Studio1